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Meet Supriya

Certified Yoga health Coach

Yoga therapist (pursuing)

Supriya Suresh is a certified 500hrs yoga trainer,  LYT method trained by Lara Heiman, certified yoga nidra meditation guide. Presently pursuing Masters in Yoga therapy. She has taught yoga at Cultfit, Shyft wellness in the past few years.

Coaches people to manage anxiety, stress, chronic ailments or health conditions through yoga (asanas, meditation, pranayama, kriyas, chanting, food habits, routine habits etc).

provides consultations to set goals, achieve individual goals , be it weight management or thyroid or PCOs or diabetics any health conditions can be worked on through the consultations.

There are multiple workshops she provides to learn setting healthy habits, Setting routine, sugar detox, Full body detox & cleanse,  mindful eating, reset Gut health.

Teaches multiple meditation techniques & therapeutic yoga  for various chronic ailments, provide counseling sessions to deep dive into the cause and work towards the overall well being of body, mind & soul. 

Stressed Man

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Stress & Anxiety management Workshop

This is a 30 mins of workshop for 21 days, which helps to understand & learn multiple ways of shifting the stress energy into something so joyful.

It has some really fun things to do on everyday basis, be it at work or at home when living with families or a roommate.

Whatever may be causing the stress, we will work towards, understanding the cause and learning to let go and stay harmoniously with ease. 

The video & audio content of the daily tips will be shared with you, you will have lifetime access to it, isn't that amazing when you forget how to deal with some stress you have, this handy !

I feel so much joy just while I'm posting this here, I'm sure you will enjoy this workshop.

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