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Supriya Suresh: Veganarchitect_yoga

Updated: Apr 28

Welcome to My World :Get to know me a little ?

Hello all beautiful people!

I'm a Supriya Suresh a yoga therapist (pursuing), yoga trainer in Bangalore teaches online, meditation guide, artist, architect, Holistic life coach, a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I make you believe in yourself with ease, fun & joy, I make you remember your strengths & power that lies deep within you, & make you feel joy within you, irrespective how much chaos is around. I love to help everyone get healthy mindfully, I'm not just talking about healthy body, what I intend to do is help you set healthy habits to have a healthy lifestyle, when I say lifestyle you might think, okay she is going to make us do yoga & make us do pranayama, you're partially right, but not completely. You will know once you try a class with me.

This blog might make you, laugh a little, I'm sure it will definitely keep you entertained & connected to me, with that you might learn a thing or two about self-love, compassion towards the self & empower yourself, because I love spreading positivity, happiness & joy, won't the world be a little better with more love ?

You would even get some healthy tips, healthy recipes, healthy habits, healthy changes to lead emotional fulfilling life.

PS: might even learn about how to manage life while living with an annoying loving partner.

A Yoga teacher living in Bangalore, conducts online yoga classes for general wellness, Yoga for improved sleep, manage stress & anxiety.

Yoga for chronic ailments, experienced in postnatal & prenatal yoga.

You're more stronger & powerful than you think!

Stay tuned to learn healthier ways living a joyful life.

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